Super Critical Extraction Process

The Super Critical Extraction Process delivers a superior extract that is pure and does not rely on industrial solvents. Instead, the process involves pumping high-pressure natural CO2 into plant matter. The pressurized ‘Super Critical’ CO2 separates the pure plant essence from the rest of the plant matrix, leaving only a clear aromatic extract or SCFE. Apart from being the gentlest method of extracting flavor and aromatic characteristics from sensitive feedstock, it is also a green technology that relies on benign solvents.

Make High-Quality Products

We offer a range of multifunctional SCFE of the highest quality that are used in Aroma Recovery, Colour Boosting, Pesticide Removal, and highly selective extractions. We have been using Supercritical CO2 Extraction and have constantly improvised on it to provide value addition to our clients. Our astute understanding of the technology translates into faster delivery and customized products, making it a cost-effective and result-oriented choice for our clients.

Physical Refining of Vegetable Oils & Butters

The oils are refined with Physical Refining rather than the old method of Chemical Refining, as it can be harmful for the Human body. Thus, by Physical Refining, we get the oils with purity and it’s 100% safe.

Our method of physically refining vegetable oils (Almond, Walnut, Macadamia, etc.) uses a carefully balanced mixture of temperature, pressure, time and natural clay’s to maximize oil quality. Some natural oils are enjoyed for cooking without refining, but other crude oils require this extra process to remove ‘impurities’ and make suitable for cooking, deep-frying, and cosmetic application.

While some refineries use a chemical process to refine oil, we use only a physical refining method that is more economical and effective for high FFA oil than traditional chemical methods but also causes no pollution through acid stocks or air emissions.

Physical refining process is multiple stages through a sequential process

  • The first stage is treating oil with natural clays to remove dark colors (also called bleaching or decolorize). The oil is warmed at vacuum allowing color pigment, and other impurities to absorb onto this clay before removing through pressure filters.
  • The next stage is deodorization. Put simply, this means the oil is again warmed to temperature and held under a perfect vacuum while steam is used to strip away odoriferous compounds (smells), bacteria, free fatty acids, and other unpleasant impurities.

Following the final stage, oil is immediately cooled, filtered and nitrogen sparged before transfer into stainless steel storage tanks and packing. We use the same process for refining the Butters.