Sweet Almond Oil

Sweet Almond Oil (Almond Oil)
Botanical Name Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis
C.A.S No. 8007-69-0
EINECS 616-913-8
INCI Name Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis
Visual Description Light yellow, bright and are almost odourless
Part of Plant Processed Almond fruit
Process of Production Pressing the nuts or fruit in order to acquire the oil.

Sweet Almond Oil ( sourced from the fruit of the Almond tree(Prunus duicis)) is 100% pure and is processed in Italy by cold pressing techniques. The Almonds are sourced from California and Europe. This cold pressing process is considered superior as it preserves all the nutrients of Almonds. It is the base for most cosmetic applications and is used as a natural moisturizer and skin softner and can be beneficially used for dry, irritated and scaly skin. Has excellent emollient properties Also can be used as a hydrating and cleansing agent especially for the face. It enhances skin suppleness, boosts blood flow, and shields against wrinkles. Antioxidant properties in sweet almond oil are also advantageous for hair treatment .Its helps cleanse the body of polllutants so that the skin and hair are free from potentailly harmful free radicals.

It is stable, has a long shelf like, versatile , easy to use and a rich source of vitamin E, oleic acids.

Ideal for healthy hair and skin as it rich in essential nutrients. Easy glide and spreadability, fast absoprtion, Repaining and Rejuvenating properties make it a standard component in many personal care applications. The colour can range from pale yellow to dark yellow depending on the customer's preference.

Because of its moderate cost, it may be used to substitute petroleum base oils.80% reduction in VOS's compared to Texanol. Meets and exceeds international regulations for no VOC's.


  • Creams, Personal & Baby Care Products
  • Lotions, Skin Tone
  • Protecting Creams, Skin Rejuvenation
  • Ointments, Liquid lipstick
  • Bath Oils, Cleansing
  • Makeup & Sun Care Products

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