Hazel Nut Oil

Hazel Nut Oil
Botanical Name Corylus Avellana
C.A.S No. 185630-72-2
EINECS 281-667-7 / -
INCI Name Corylus Avellana
Visual Description Yellow to yellow brown in colour
Part of Plant Processed Hazelnut Seed
Process of Production Cold Pressed

Hazelnut oil is obtained by pressing kernels (nuts) collected from the hazel bush (Corylus avellana L.) (cold-pressed hazelnut oil).The hazel bush is to be found right across Europe, as far as Asia Minor and has been cultivated since the earliest times for its oil-seeds (nuts), which are used as a food.

Refined hazelnut oil is 100 percent pure, and when applied to the body, it hydrates and softens the skin while also nourishing and defending the hands and nails. On severely dry hair, it provides softness and hold when used as a cosmetic. One of the most stable oils, it offers hydrating and healing qualities that support wellness. Hazelnut oil is a potent antioxidant with a special anti-aging action due to the high content of vitamins E and B and the presence of antioxidant compounds.


  • Hair
  • Skin

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